Nike Air Visi Pro 3 Review

nike air visi pro 3

The Nike Air Visi Pro 3 is one of the best basketball shoes your money can buy right now.  This is one of those pairs of basketball shoes that sneaks (no pun intended) through the pricing analysts at the Nike Headquarters and embarrasses them with their ridiculous pricing formulas.  Most of us laugh… or cry when we see some of the outrageous price tags on Nike shoes.  This shoe however has a solid set of features at an unusually low price, which begs the question: How can pair (A) price near $120 while pair (B) prices around $60?  Is pair B half as comfortable as A?  Does pair B last half as long as pair A?

Enough of the ranting, let’s jump into what makes Air Visi Pro 3 so desirable:


Most of us shop with a price range in mind, whether we like to admit it or not.  Think of how many times you have looked at a pair of shoes and skipped over it because of its price tag.  As smart spenders, the first thing you do when air visi pro 3 pocketshopping online is: Sort by Price (low to high).  For the first time, you can skip that step and search for the Visi Pro 3 because for men, it ranges between $55 and $65 depending on the color.  If you’re looking for basketball shoes for women, you too can stop right here.  The ladies pay even less!  How often does that happen?


The comfort on this shoe is surprisingly form fitting and lightweight.  At a mid cut height, the angle is well supported with an excellent lockdown snug fit.  The visible air pocket in the heel gives even more shock protection in the soft midsole.  Caution: If your feet are wide in the toes, you should know that it gets a little tight.  Also, give it a fair amount of time for the break-in period.  It starts off rather stiff and boxy but breaks down quite well.


Most areas of the shoe provide a fair amount of room to breath, including the tongue.  The trouble area is in the toe box due to the limited number of small breathing holes but most of the heat and sweat comes from the rest of your foot.


The tread on the Air Visi Pro 3 is very traditional for a basketball shoe, which is actually a plus.  You won’t find any trickery or fancy new tread system that promises to be lighter in weight.  You will see a classic herringbone pattern and that’s all air visi pro 3 treadyou need.  If you’re not getting good traction on this shoe, you need to do one of two things:  Give ‘em a good wipe with your hands, or sweep the rocks and sand off the blacktop.  You’ll love the way they stick.



The Air Visi Pro 3 is a steal for the price especially considering its durability and features.  It’s snug, it’s breathable, and its price fits most of our budgets.  You can find it on our comparison guide page to find out how it stacks up against the competition.

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